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“Is there a correct way to set the table?” Of course not! There are simple guidelines which you can follow but your creativity should run wild. Table runners come in handy as they visually anchor your table. They are the basis around which you place all of the table linens and cutlery.

Why Do You Need a Table Runner?

A table runner adds colour, texture, and interest to your table and is the foundation for your table decor. Table runners also protect your table from spills and damage that can be caused by hot pans and dripping candle wax. Bright Protea table runners can bring a pop of colour and saves you money as you don’t need to add fresh flowers to your table. On the other hand, Nguni hide printed table runners add a sophisticated look to your table.

When Could You Use a Table Runner?

Table runners are practical for everyday use and appropriate for special occasions when you need a refined touch. A table runner enhances your tablescape in subtle or dramatic ways depending on the colour and texture you choose. If you want to create a festive feel during the holidays, consider a holiday or seasonally themed table runner. And if you simply want to change the mood of your room, a new table runner may be just the thing to mix things up. Table runners take your table from drab to fab – you could use the same cutlery, plates and placemats but a simple change in table runners make it look new and fresh.

What Kind of Table Runner is Best?

Certain fabrics and textures are associated with specific moods. For formal occasions like weddings and special events, consider table runners made of silk, satin, organza, or polyester for their shiny, smooth surfaces. For casual use, natural fabrics like cotton, twill, and bamboo work well.

How to Use a Table Runner

Traditionally, a table runner is placed down the centre of the table on its own or layered on top of a tablecloth, but there is a myriad of ways to use a table runner. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Position table runners across the width of a table, connecting guests sitting across from each other and creating a placemat-type effect for each person
  • In an informal table setting, use a shorter table runner down the centre of the table to highlight a centrepiece
  • Use a lace table runner on top of a credenza or dresser for a vintage, shabby-chic look

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